Orbit Italy | ORBIT
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The features of ORBIT: high adaptability and strong flexibility.

ORBIT is a software solution for Business Continuity Management, which allows customers to maintain and evolve the business continuity solution, by managing the business continuity process. ORBIT  is  based  on  independent  and integrated  modules  that  perform specific  functions  and  incremental backups  in  the  management  of  a Business Continuity project.

The tool:

  • Collects, analyses and manages the enormous amount of data that must be registered in order to meet the requirements of international BC standards;
  • Minimizes operational costs;
  • Allows to map the business model based on business requirements with multi-site, multi-group, multi-language and multi-jargon options;
  • Application access via web, with possibility of Single Sign-On interface (SSO) and/or of other data repositories of the company;
  • is customizable to allow the customer to successfully meet various business needs.
  • is able to ensure an efficient communication by interfacing with solutions as MIR3, an excellent mass notification system used for crisis and day-to-day operations.