The most difficult thing to explain in an emergency situation is to find an excuse for not having planned ahead. To ensure business continuity in the event of interruptions, whether due to fatal events, serious breakdowns or minor incidents, is a vital requirement for any organization.


Crisis Management does not replace Business Continuity. It is an associated and often supporting discipline. Whether you face a high or low potential for crisis, a day devoted to discussing company business is never wasted. Preparing for crisis is safeguarding the future...


RegTech Open Project bases its consultancy on the comprehensive management capability of business continuity, through a team of highly skilled and certified professionals with a wide range of competence and a flexible and versatile approach able to meet the requirements of the customers.


The role of business continuity professionals in the changing global threat environment. The course offers a solid description of the methods used to develop, implement and maintain an effective BCM program, for organisations of any type and size, in any industry or sector worldwide.

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ORBIT4BC® is the user-friendly solution for the complete management of your BC Program.

With ORBIT4BC® functionality is easy and handy. You build your own resilience, we safeguard your own future.


MIR3 is a Mass Notification  System by OnSolve, American company leader in the field of Intelligent Notification.

In Italy MIR3 is distributed by RegTech Open Project.

RegTech Open Project is the only italian company who can offer pre and post-sale technical support.