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Business Continuity

The management of Business Continuity is a prerogative of any organization, large or small, of any industry. It is particularly recommended for organizations operating in high-risk areas, such as telecommunications, finance, transport public administration and healthcare, where the ability to ensure the continuity of operations is critical to the  organization, its customers and stakeholders.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management is a process, delivered by integrated capabilities, which focuses not only on preparedness activities and what to do in the midst of a crisis, but also on the identification and forecasting of why crises happen, and how to recover and learn from incidents. It is a three‐stage process, involving pre‐crisis preparation, crisis response, and post‐crisis recovery.


Orbit Italy is active in various areas through a team of highly skilled and certified professionals with a wide range of competence, spanning from design and implementation of focused software solutions by using the most advanced Open Source tools, to an high level of Management Consulting in several industries.

In house training courses

Based in Dubai (UAE) and acting worldwide, Marjason Consulting specialises in Organisational Resilience offering training and consultancy in Business Continuity Management, Crisis Management and emergency Preparedness in accordance with international and national standards.
Marjason Consultancy also facilitate simulation exercises to validate client’s plans.